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Live TV

Always seeking to provide quality work, we are listening to our customers by improving our services according to their needs. It is with this vision that we have developed our own live streaming service.
Today, Internet connections enable us to offer more flexible and competitive solutions to the satellite. It is clear that the satellite connection has proven itself for many years but is often subject to constraints such as strict respect for timetables and all exceedances of these can result in significant financial costs and risk of missed her diffusion when exceeded are important.


The economic end politics situation on the world  is so unstable these days that our teams should be prepared to disseminate information quickly. The advantage of our system is that it fits in a backpack and can be on live in a few minutes.

If we take a concrete case such as the European Parliament in Strasbourg, mostly parliamentarians give appointments but depend on the debate or of the current voting session and can not be precise in relation to their availability. Some can not move around your live position and would intervene from their office or from their hotel for example. For the satellite it will move the ob vans from its external position, often distant from several dozen meters or hundreds in some cases, such as European summits for example, or it‘s impossible to move quickly or even prohibited for the security perimeter wich is closed.
The GMP live streaming  moves simultaneously and as quickly as his cameramen controling it. Repositions has soon he has a quality internet connection.
For reception of the signal you simply connect to our live web page (www.brussels-live.tv) or that which we can create,  even simply go through your own website by the integration of an iframe

Our Player opens in full screen and the caller is connected to your control center via his mobile phone. Next the different tests from the European institutions, we have a time range from 1 to 4 seconds depending on the country in which you receive the signal. It is obvious that internet connection quality is important for good transmission.

The best way to understand how our live streaming GMP is to organize a test in the places of your choice in Brussels.


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