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Drone Cam

Long been used by the military, the drone is now entered in the civilian sector. The perspectives and multiple uses of these flying machines is thriving, with the appearance of new applications in all industry sectors.

Beyond our expertise in audiovisual and through our collaboration with the company known as Amphios end Altigator for the commercial name, today we bring multiple solutions combining different technologies comers of the world of the image and the aeronautics with our several drones.

No doubt that their use will experience strong growth in the coming years through the world.The drones are used in particular in the following areas:

Aerial shooting for cinema or television, aerial photography

Field mapping and topography, 3D cartography and geomatics
photogrammetry, orthophotos, orthoimages
architecture and civil engineering
real estate market
heat balance and energy performance of buildings
inspection and monitoring of industrial sites, pipelines (gas pipelines, oil pipelines, etc.), road and rail infrastructure
inspection and geotechnical structures
Inspection of historic, archaeological sites
metering and monitoring livestock
agronomic and scientific research
emergency, public safety
SAR and sea rescue


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