Our company works with several televisions and foreign press groups. So regularly, we are looking for new correspondents.


The journalist will cover various reports on the latest developments in the different European institutions, but also to NATO as well as cultural or sporting subjects. It will also be able to offer a variety of activities relevant to the needs of his television.

Profile :

  1. Having a journalism qualification;
  2. Knowing perfectly the language used for television;
  3. Know the functioning of European political systems;
  4. Possible experience in television, radio or communication;
  5. Independent from the search of the subject until the final writing of it;
  6. Ability to work in a team;
  7. Stress resistance;
  8. Open, creative, rigorous, organized and with a good analytical mind;
  9. Punctuality and observance of imposed schedules;
  10. Ability to adapt to flexible hours (depending the current events we can work at night, holidays and weekends);
  11. Good presentation requirements.


Interested ?

If you are interested, you can register via our contact page.

If your profile interests one of our channels, we invite you to turn a pilot It is based on this pilot that the chain decides to hire you or not.

It is important to note that the remuneration depends on the chain or the agency for which you work. Your salary is trading and is done by it or by the news agency with which we will work.


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