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Audio Service

Sound capture

Our sound engineer team have varied experience with television reports, conference, concert …
The sound is a key element in your various reports and programs for which we put a special focus on using materials adapted to each situation. From small mixer to the mixer 64 tracks, we offer you a wide range of wired or wireless microphones.



Mixing is especially processing of the sound, manage audio and balance between the voices, ambiances and music. We use the latest generation of Pro Tools software, which is the reference tool in the field.

Sound design

As a sound designer, we have at your disposal a sound bank for example to suggest movement on still pictures. We ensure and respect for his position in the image (its background, entering his image, etc …). We adapt to the broadcast standards for each media.

Dubbing & voice over

We record the voices either dubbing or for comments of a video report. Thus, we are committed to provide you  built-in sounds or voice over according to your demand.

Voice Casting

We have a music library composed of different voices of men, women, children or elderly people allowing you to give a sound dimension to your images. We regularly organize our castings in several European languages but also from other continents. It is also possible to arrange a customized selection by recruiting specific voice for your search.



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